Give your garage door some added personality

The appearance of your garage door is more important than you might think. It takes up a substantial amount of space on your home, and it is something that you and your neighbors are going to have to look at all of the time. It is a huge part of the home’s overall curb appeal, and this is going to be extremely important if you ever decide that you want to sell your home.

The way your home looks, and the style it has, is often a reflection of who you are as a person and what you like. Since the garage door can often take up between 25% and 40% of the façade of the home, you naturally want to have a great looking garage door. You will want something that is going to fit in well with the rest of the architecture.

Of course, you also want to like the look of your garage door. Therefore, you want to not only make sure that you have the right door, but that you take proper care of the door so it continues to look great.

Make Sure the Door Is Clean

You want to take good care of all of your belongings, whether it is your home or your car. This often means giving those items a good cleaning, and that is just what you should do a couple of times per year with your garage door. Cleaning the garage door is simple, and if you do it every few months, or whenever you notice that it is getting dirty, it is easy to maintain. If you have stains in the garage, you can always read this text to learn how to remove them properly.

Add Some Fresh Paint

One of the best ways that you can make your garage door look better is to add some fresh paint to it. Those who have sectional metal doors that have a paint finish already will want to check out these instructions to learn what it will take to change the color.

Check out a couple of simple tips.

Many of the large paint companies have a design center, which will help to make it easier for you to learn how to coordinate the colors of your home’s exterior. Some that you might want to check out include:

Those who have double garage doors are likely going to want to steer clear from dark colors. This is because from the street, large, dark colored garage doors are going to be the most prominent thing about your house. People will not be able to focus on the rest of the architecture. For those large doors, you will want to try a lighter color. If you have a single door, then you can choose just about any color that you might like. However, you may want to avoid colors that are overly bright or that are too ostentatious.

Should You Add Decorative Windows?

Another fantastic way to give your garage door a great new look is to add some decorative windows. Not only will windows look great, but they can also be practical. Consider the fact that having windows is going to provide you with some natural light in the garage. In addition, the windows can really improve the aesthetics of the garage easily.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that if your current garage door does not have windows, and you are planning to add them, it will cause problems with the counterweight system that will need to be adjusted. To learn more, read this.

Adding Exterior Décor to the Garage

You might also want to consider adding some decorative elements to the outside of the garage. This can be a fantastic way to give it some more personality and to make it a bit different from all of the other garage doors on the block. A pergola, or some new hardware can make a big difference.

However, that’s certainly not the only type of décor you can add. You might also want to consider adding some accent lighting to the garage door. This can help to provide you with some added exterior lighting for security. When you choose great looking lighting options, such as lanterns, you will find that it can make a big difference to the aesthetics of the garage door.

Decorating for Holidays and Big Events

There are likely several times throughout the year that you might want to do something a bit special with the garage door. For example, you might want to decorate for Halloween or Christmas, and perhaps even the Super Bowl. There are plenty of great ways that you can decorate the front of the garage door, and around the garage door. Check out Pinterest to see some of the options that might work well for your own garage door.

Make Sure the Garage Is Working Right

Making sure the garage looks great is important, but you can’t forget the functionality of the garage, as well. It is important that you take the time to make sure the door is working properly. Open and close it, look for anything that seems out of place, and listen for anything that does not sound right. You might also want to have a professional come out to the property to check out the door.

When You Need to Change the Garage Door System

If you need a new garage door system, then you will want to contact us at 724-287-1673 as soon as you have the time. We understand garage doors and can provide you with the doors and systems that you need and can help you make a choice that will work for you. We can also email you a quotation if you would like.

You could also head down to the showroom. Be sure to check out the Design Centre and the image gallery for inspiration.