Have you heard someone suggest that you should have your garage door frame covered in aluminum? Maybe you saw a neighbor’s garage being fitted with this feature, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Before you decide that it’s time to finally just paint around your garage door frame, take a look at some other options.

First, covering the wooden frame around your garage door with aluminum is called applying aluminum capping or cladding in the world of construction. This is an aesthetically pleasing upgrade, yes, but it also has a lot of benefits for the maintenance of your garage door. It also allows you to create a whole new style for your home thanks to the many color choices. Here are our top four reasons to apply aluminum capping.

But First: What Type of Aluminum is Used?

Before we tell you our top four reasons for choosing aluminum capping, you should know what it is that we are talking about. The type of aluminum that is used for this type of project is often sold in rolls, and is used to make gutters or other exterior building elements that are created out of aluminum. This aluminum is bent using special equipment that ensures the metal is the right dimensions for your frame, including the jambs and lintel, which typically are made with 2’ by 8’s or 2’ by 10’s.

While you can get this service as an all-in-one with a professional installer, there’s another option as well. You can buy the aluminum yourself, take it to an aluminum products dealer, have them bend the sheets to the proper dimensions, and then put it all together. However, you’ll see with the benefits we list in this article that it’s actually very wise to have this work done by a garage door specialist, who will install the capping the best way for the garage door. These people will have all the necessary equipment and experience to do it right.

Now let’s talk about the real advantages to aluminum cladding.

Make Your Garage Door (Nearly) Maintenance Free

The number one benefit of aluminum products is that they aren’t affected by sunlight. You won’t see any rust or fading, which means very little maintenance is required. Professional grade aluminum is also coated with a protective layer that makes it weather resistant, so it won’t wear down as quickly. And if the surface gets dirty, you can just use soapy water to wipe it down the way you do with your car.

Protect That Wooden Frame

With a wooden frame around your garage door, you’ll have to worry about repainting or staining every so often – frequently, this chore must be done at least every other year to keep the frame looking good. Aluminum, on the other hand, is protected from the elements and avoids rotting over time the way wood does.

Give Your Home’s Exterior a Smooth Finish

It is easy to seal off your garage to avoid cold air leaking in with aluminum capping. To get a smooth finish between the aluminum cladding and the other exterior components of the house (ex.: brick or PVC), a professional will cover the joint between the frame weatherstripping and that of the exterior finish with a special sealant that will stay flexible even in bitterly cold temperatures.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

It’s easy to forget that one of the first things anyone sees when visiting a house is the garage door. Did you know that a garage door on the front of your house accounts for nearly 40% of the visible space? That’s a lot of room for curb appeal mistakes. A wooden door looks good at first, but if you don’t keep it repainted frequently, it will look careless and sloppy. Putting your house on the market is easier when your home looks beautiful. These little details, like a garage door frame that isn’t peeling or faded, can help you sell quickly.

Here’s the Bottom Line

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