Make your garage the perfect place for practicing yoga

When you want to practice yoga, one of the things you need is a place where you can have quiet privacy. If your home doesn’t have a spare room, you may want to consider your garage. Many garages are perfectly laid out for your yoga sessions. Here are some tips for transforming your garage into a yoga sanctuary.

Why the garage?

Yoga involves many things, including building core strength and getting more flexible, but also quietening the mind and controlling your emotional state. It is a gentle way to impact your day-to-day wellbeing, as well as an effective way of staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

But finding a place to truly get immersed in the mental and even spiritual side of yoga can be hard in a busy house. This is why we recommend considering the garage. Once prepared properly, it can be private, out of the way, and give you plenty of space to exercise.

Transforming the Space

Here’s what we suggest for transforming this space into a yoga studio:

  • Get rid of clutter: Making the space visually tidy and soothing will make it easier for relaxing into your yoga practice. Anything that doesn’t have to be in the garage should be moved out, and if you do have to keep certain items, consider hanging them on the walls or using shelves and cabinets to keep the floor space open.
  • Paint: Most garages are boring gray or white and painting your studio can definitely impact your mood. Try yellow walls for warmth, green walls to evoke calming nature, or other neutrals that make you feel calm. You can also consider painting beautiful, relaxing scenes on the walls.
  • Gather what you need: To have a well-stocked yoga studio, you need at the least a yoga mat, cushions, block, and yoga towels.
  • Use technology: You can bring along your laptop to follow a yoga video online, create a playlist of relaxing, Zen music, or play nature sounds like waterfalls or birdsongs during your practice.
  • Change the lighting: The usual florescent lights in garages aren’t that relaxing. If you can’t change them, try bringing in a lamp or some candles to light instead. You can also use natural lighting by installing a garage door with all‑glass sections. If you prefer to keep your privacy while doing yoga, choose a metal/steel garage door fitted with satin or glue chip decorative windows just at the top of the door.
  • Keep it comfortable: Many garages don’t have heating and can be pretty chilly in the winter. A simple portable heater will work very well when paired with an insulated garage door would be ideal.

After all these preparations, you will be able to take your yoga practice to a much deeper level!