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Serving clients since 1984, our residential garage door installers at Gerald Giel Garage Door knows their way around garage doors. We are your one stop shop for any new or replacement garage door. Our sales and design experts are familiar with our garage doors from styling and color options to their high-quality construction methods and insulation properties.

When customers ask us which garage door they should buy for our cold climate, we always recommend a Garaga door. Garaga offers beautiful, energy efficient doors for residential and commercial use. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, their garage doors are fully customizable. Call us today at (724) 287-1673 to find the perfect GARAGA garage door for your home, outbuilding, or any other building on your property.

Gallery Style Garage Door

Gallery Garage Doors

Price Range: $$$$$$$$$$

Our Gallery collection of garage doors that provide some accessories and a similar aesthetic shared by the carriage door collection at a more affordable price point.

  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Affordable High Profile Design
  • Available In Wood Grain Finish
Traditional Style Garage Door - Garage Door Installers

Traditional Style

Price Range: $$$$$$$$$$

What is a traditionally styled garage door? It’s not modern, nor is is rustic. This classic timeless design is well suited for any home garage door installation.

  • Timeless appeal
  • Multi-paned windows
  • Shutters and overlays tastefully used
Modern Contemporary Styled Garage Doors

Modern Contemporary

Price Range: $$$$$$$$$$

Contemporary architecture presents bold modern planes and clean lines. Our contemporary garage doors compliment any modern design with minimalistic no frill styling and customizable options.

  • Sleek Square Lines
  • Minimal Overlays
  • Striking Features
Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Doors

Price Range:$$$$$$$$$$

For period homes of old our carriage house styled garage doors offer a glimpse into the past with all the benefits of modern day insulation and sound dampening properties.

  • Elaborate overlays
  • Dormer windows and large porches
  • A wealth of charming details

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What Kind Of Insulation Do You Need For Your Garage Door?

r-16 Insulated Garage Door

Polyurethane Insulated Garage Doors
R‑value of R‑16 / R‑12

Built with 2 steel or aluminium walls and polyurethane foam (Steel + Polyurethane + Steel). The insulation is injected at high pressure into the metal structure and ensures a high level of rigidity to the door. R-16 and R-12 values are recommended if you want a well-insulated and energy-saving garage.

Double Wall Steel Insulated Garage Doors

Garage Doors With 2 Steel Walls
Polystyrene Insulation

Built with polystyrene insulation (Styrofoam) bonded to 2 steel walls (Steel + Polystyrene + Steel). This construction is ideal if you live in a temperate climate. In colder regions, it is often used for detached garages, out buildings and sheds.

Single Wall Steel Insulated Garage Door

Garage Doors With 1 Steel Wall
Polystyrene Insulation

Constructed with polystyrene insulation (Styrofoam) bonded to a steel wall (Steel + Polystyrene). The polystyrene is protected by a vinyl sheet and the total thickness of this panel is 2″. This door can be installed when insulation and interior finish are not priorities, such as in detached garages, out buildings and sheds.

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Residential Garage Doors & Commercial Doors

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