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While trouble free ease and operation of your garage door and commercial / industrial sectional doors is the expectation, things have their way of going wrong. A garage door that is not opening or closing can create huge problems in an instant. We realize the urgency with these situations which is why Gerald L. Giel Garage Doors offers same day 24 hour emergency garage door service. There is no exception for experience. Gerald L. Giel had his first experiences working with his father on garage doors at the same time he was learning his ABC’s. Growing up in the industry provides a level of hands on involvement that no service manual can replace. He has grown the company and personally hand picked and trained his technicians with decades of wisdom he’s acquired along the way. Gerald Giel gets the job done.

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Garage Door Service & Repair

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We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for true emergency situations. Garage door and door opener repairs often require replacement parts. While Gerald Giel Garage Doors prides it’s self for being one of the few garage door installation companies with a variety of garage doors in stock we also keep stock of common wear parts that more often that not are what need repaired. 

We will service any make model or manufacturer’s garage door, sectional door, or door opener you have installed. With over 4 decades of experience there are few door repairs that are technicians haven’t repair in the past. Do not mistake past experience for future technology. We also install and service the most cutting edge digital monitoring and operational software technology has delivered to date. Call Gerald L. Giel Garage Door today to schedule service.

All of our technicians are trained to do the job right, as if they were fixing a door belonging to someone in their own family,

-Gerald Giel

Garage Door Repair Trouble Shooting & FAQ

My Garage Door Won't Close?

There are multiple reasons your garage door may not be closing. Here is a checklist to troubleshoot this problem before you call for garage service:

  1. Is there power to your garage door opener? If the light is on you can assume power is not the issue. Otherwise check to ensure the garage door opener plugged in, it is rare that the plug would come lose but not impossible.

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Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or the form. For 24/7 emergency service please use the phone number below. We offer free no obligation quotes and we encourage you to reach out for any questions you have surrounding your home's exterior doors and garage doors or commercial door installation, service or repair.

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