There’s plenty of work you can do around your home on your own. From deck building to toilet installation to putting in a new vanity, there’s a ton of things a handy homeowner can do. However, one thing that should definitely be left to the professionals is the garage door. Whether you’re repairing, troubleshooting, or even installing a new garage door or garage door system, it’s best to call an experienced expert. Not convinced? Here are five reasons you should always leave garage door-related issues to the professionals.

Safety at All Times

Take a look at the average garage door. What’s one of the first things you would notice if you were to put your hands on it? The weight. Depending on the material used to manufacture the door, as well as the age of the door, it might weigh an incredible amount. If you have a double garage door (16 feet, or 4.9 m), then that weight increases even more.

Your home’s garage door is its single largest moving component. Each year, hundreds of homeowners forget this to their detriment. Many of them are seriously injured trying to repair their own garage systems. Doors can fall because of a damaged lift cable, or a simple broken spring.

To give you a better idea of just how heavy such a door would be, a single door with a steel exterior might be just 1.75 inches (or 45-mm) thick and nine feet (2.7 m) wide. The weight of the door could be anywhere from 130 to 175 pounds (60 to 80 kilos). Imagine if that were to fall down on you. A garage door specialist can immediately assess the safety of a garage door and take appropriate measures.

Experience Matters

Another reason to call in the pros for garage door repair is that they have the experience needed. Do you know what each and every component in the system does? Are you familiar with how each hardware piece works with the rest of the system? What about your door’s counterweight system?

Chances are good that you’re not all that familiar with these systems. We highly recommend that you keep your tools put away, and call the professionals instead. A garage door technician must complete rigorous training, and has years of experience in the field. This allows them to correctly balance the door, ensuring easy operability, as well as perfect weathertightness.

Your Own Peace of Mind

Whenever you attempt a repair around the house on your own, there’s a chance that you’ll make a mistake. That’s not a big deal with some things. However, with a garage door system, that’s incredibly dangerous, particularly if we’re talking about your electric garage door opener.

A garage door technician has years of experience handling garage door repair issues, and will provide not only excellent quality work, but also a written guarantee. You will have a full 12-month warranty on the work and the parts used. An expert technician will always perform all repairs correctly the first time, and they are not afraid to stand behind their work.

Saving Time and Money

Garage door installation is not something that can be learned overnight. It takes time to develop skills and to learn how the various components work together. Garage door specialists have taken the time to learn and build their expertise. This means they can clearly explain what you need in the way of repairs, and each step they take to make those repairs. You’ll find that by working with an expert, you are able to get the repairs done much more quickly than if you were to try to handle them on your own. A technician’s only goal is to guarantee that your door will be reliable in long-term operation.

Of course, you could believe that going it alone here will help you save money. That’s not true. Even if you were able to manage the repair correctly, without any safety issues, you’ll need to source parts on your own (at retail costs). There’s also the fact that you could void your manufacturer’s warranty because of incorrect installation.

Finally, an expert garage door repair professional carries liability insurance that guarantees protection for personal injury and property damage during the project.

They’re Responsible

What happens if you repair your garage door and the repairs are incorrect? You’re on the hook. You’ve lost time, and paid for parts that did not solve the problem. It all falls on you. Worse – what happens if you try to repair your door and something goes wrong; an injury or damage to a personal possession? You’re liable here. With a garage door repair professional, they are responsible in the case of accidents.

Get the Help You Need

Is your garage door not working quite right? Don’t try to repair it yourself. Get the expertise you need. Contact us today at 724-287-1673 to schedule a no-cost estimate of your garage door repair needs. We have years of experience dealing with garage doors and openers, and can provide you with the advice, guidance, and expert work needed. Our goal is to save you time, money, and sanity, while ensuring that your garage door works perfectly. We can discuss your needs on the phone, or even by email quote. Or, you can drop by the showroom if you prefer.

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